Karamba Security, an in automotive and cybersecurity service provider, announced the signing of a production agreement of its leading Carwall runtime integrity software, in Alpine infotainment systems.

The platform provides ECU self-protection against remote code execution (RCE), helping to protect vehicles from cyberattacks.

Protection against cyberattacks is critical in order to safeguard customer safety in the connected and autonomous vehicle era. Such exploits of in-memory vulnerabilities can jeopardize customer safety by controlling a vehicle’s speed and direction. Karamba’s runtime integrity technology provides self-protection against remote code execution, using Control Flow Integrity (CFI).

Karamba’s embedded runtime integrity is an attack detection and prevention software that leverages Control Flow Integrity (CFI) and continuously maintains vendor settings. With Karamba’s technology installed, the infotainment software system detects, prevents, and reports attempted cyberattacks.

With this production deployment, Karamba is demonstrating an ability to automatically prevent exploits of in-memory vulnerabilities in connected machines, without any need for software or hardware changes. This solution makes embedded security a reality in the connected vehicles revolution.