ReachNow announced that it will end its car-sharing service effective immediately. ReachNow had been serving more than 100,000 members in Seattle, Portland and Brooklyn over the past three years.

In February, ReachNow joined YOUR NOW, a €1 billion joint venture from the BMW Group and Daimler AG comprised of five new companies: PARK NOW, CHARGE NOW, FREE NOW, SHARE NOW and REACH NOW.  Last month it was decided to realign the joint venture companies:

  • PARK NOW and CHARGE NOW are combining forces
  • FREE NOW and REACH NOW will be working closer together
  • SHARE NOW will complete the successful merger of the car2go and DriveNow products

The REACH NOW business will now focus on building a multimodal platform and will no longer operate car sharing and ride hailing services in Seattle and Portland. This clarification in strategy will allow each vertical to focus on the area of the business where they are strongest. Additionally, SHARE NOW (car2go and DriveNow) will be the sole operator of car sharing in the YOUR NOW family. This decision does not affect the car2go service in Seattle or Portland.