Brisa, a road operator in Portugal and Fidelidade, an insurance company in Portugal, are proud to announce a joint venture in advanced telematics-based insurance products. Via Verde customers in Portugal will benefit from usage-based insurance (UBI) solutions.

Drivers that opt into the Smart Drive app will be evaluated and scored based upon driving behaviors, fatigue, compliance with speed limits, and mobile use. At the conclusion of each trip, Smart Drive will recommend tips to reduce personal costs and improve driving behavior.  In an effort to improve road safety, favorable drivers will be rewarded with discounted premiums through Fidelidade Car Insurance and toll credits through Via Verde.

Brisa will use A-to-Be MoveBeyond to administer the project’s mobility backoffice. MoveBeyond is the transportation industry’s solution capable of integrating with external systems while simultaneously preserving sensitive service provider information and delivering a seamless user experience. A-to-Be MoveBeyond has successfully administered tolling and road usage charge (RUC) backoffice solutions in four states across the United States.