• Protect & Connect: Mobile radio protects classic cars against theft
  • Digital theft protection easy and quick to retrofit
  • Vodafone security centers in 54 countries assist in the hunt for cars

Vodafone introduces digital theft protection for classic cars with the introduction of Vodafone Protect & Connect which can be easily and quickly retrofitted.

The installation of the technology is possible with Caratec or one of the German installation partners in less than one day. The hardware and the two-year use of the system, as well as the associated ‘My Connected Car App’ cost 365,00 Euro. Subsequently, the digital theft protection costs the users 59 Euro annually.

Geo zones can be flexibly set up and managed

Owners always have their classic car in view with the ‘My Connected Car App’ for Android and iOS . For example, geo-zones can be managed and monitored with just a few clicks. As soon as the vintage car leaves a location unintentionally, the owner receives an alarm on the smartphone and can track the stolen vehicle via GPS signal. 

Security personnel in 54 nations can locate vehicles at any time

If the owner detects the theft, he contacts the Vodafone security center by pressing a button in the app. Vodafone’s security staff is available around the clock in 54 nations and can locate the networked vintage cars anytime.