Transport Secretary announces extra £2.5M for chargepoints on residential streets to fund the installation of over 1,000 new chargepoints. The scheme is designed to meet demand and accelerate the take-up of electric vehicles as the UK moves towards net zero emissions by 2050 and further improve air quality.

The funding will support the on-street residential chargepoint scheme, launched in 2017, which helps people access charging infrastructure near their homes when they don’t have off-street parking. It will go towards helping local authorities to install these chargepoints, which can be built into existing structures like lamp-posts.

The scheme aims to encourage even more people to choose an electric vehicle by making it easier to charge their cars near home, following a 158% increase in battery electric vehicle sales compared to July last year. The allocation of funding for on-street residential chargepoints is part of the £1.5B investment underpinned by the Road to Zero Strategy.

Innovations to receive investment include underground charging systems, solar powered charging forecourts and wireless charging projects.