DENSO, a mobility supplier, announced that it will invest $1.3M to open the Texas Innovation and Connected Service Center in Plano, Texas. DENSO will use the state-of-the-art research and development (R&D) lab to innovate connected technologies and vehicle service solutions in support of its long-term plan, the company’s guidepost for creating new value in future mobility. With close proximity to Toyota Motor North America, Inc., headquarters, the facility will help strengthen DENSO’s longstanding relationship with Toyota and afford each new opportunities for industry-advancing collaboration.

Sixty employees from three DENSO groups are located at the site. These include DENSO International America, Inc. Sales and Engineering; DENSO Products and Services Americas, Inc., which focuses on vehicle service parts and tools; and DENSO TEN, a DENSO subsidiary that produces automotive electronics. This configuration provides an environment that increases collaboration and efficiency as these teams work collectively to innovate connected technologies, both in and outside the car, and improve the post-purchase customer experience. DENSO, which has made attracting local talent to the facility a priority, plans to grow its workforce in Plano over the coming years.

Toyota, along with other DENSO customers, will help accelerate DENSO R&D activities at the new site and spark new advancements in future mobility, connected technology and vehicle servicing.

The mobility industry has evolved rapidly in the last decade, with new technologies like the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence impacting the development of the automotive market. DENSO is addressing this industry transformation through its Second Founding, which expands the company’s focus to software-based technologies and complements its long history of hardware expertise. The Texas Innovation and Connected Service Center facility supports these efforts, as do the recent openings of other DENSO R&D centers in Montréal, Canada and Seattle.