Cubic Telecom, a connectivity management software provider for the automotive and IoT industries, and Rogers Communications, the provider of wireless communications services in Canada, announced a collaboration to provide a connected car solution for Canadians. This important partnership integrates Cubic Telecom’s PACE platform (Platform for Application and Connectivity Enablement) and connected car solution with the Rogers mobile network, enabling a high-quality connected car experience throughout Canada and the United States. 

As a provider of IoT services, Rogers is able to support seamless connectivity for any auto manufacturer hosted on Cubic Telecom’s PACE platform. PACE integrates with multiple original equipment manufacturer (OEM) IT systems and mobile operator platforms to provide car users with access to always-on connected services and streaming content. Cubic Telecom’s PACE integrates multiple technologies into a single point of control for the automotive manufacturer.

Drivers and passengers will benefit from navigation and real-time route mapping and can stream their favorite music and video content across Canada and the United States. The first automakers set to benefit from this agreement will be announced early next year, with Cubic Telecom and Rogers connected vehicles starting to appear on Canada’s roads in early 2020.