• Swiss Re and Pioneer have co-developed telematics solution, to be included in Swiss Re’s telematics suite
  • Swiss Re’s telematics suite will include real-time driver warnings and claims-related services, including crash detection
  • The solution will be launched early next year, following market demand
  • Swiss Re’s telematics app Coloride is technically advanced and sophisticated telematics apps globally; the new addition is set to further increase value for insurers

Swiss Re and global car electronics company Pioneer have co-developed an innovative telematics solution that provides insurers with better and more personalized risk assessment while supporting safer driving behavior. The combined solution will be integrated into Swiss Re’s Coloride app and is set to be launched globally early next year.

Swiss Re’s Coloride is technically advanced and sophisticated telematics apps globally. It assigns a risk score to each driver that an insurer can use to calculate the usage-based insurance premium. By offering a financial incentive to cautious drivers and flagging risky behavior, insurers can encourage responsible driving, making roads safer for everyone.

With the new solution, Coloride will provide real-time driver warnings based on Pioneer’s map data and ADAS algorithms. These warnings help drivers to avoid accidents. Additionally, the new solution can be extended with a range of devices that collect acceleration data to accurately identify and reconstruct a crash. Some of the devices also have a manual emergency button, so the driver can call for support after an accident.