FCA Bank and its Leasys subsidiary confirmed their role of new mobility, thanks to their innovative approach in the development of new and flexible solutions.

Leasys CarCloud The subscription economy gained currency also in the mobility sector, bringing about a sea-change and contributing to the development of a new way of driving. A sustainable model which emphasizes the freedom to move without owning a vehicle, thanks to the subscription to a mobility service, where a consumer can choose anywhere in 1 Italy a vehicle fit for any situation, thus promoting a more sustainable lifestyle in both economic and environmental terms. The event was an opportunity to introduce Leasys CarCloud, the innovative solution proposed by Leasys to private individuals and self-employed professionals and designed to provide benefits and flexibility thanks to a single subscription that can be renewed every month without any time limit.

Leasys CarCloud is the outcome of these trends, a formula for the mobility sector in Italy, which makes it possible to use different cars, depending on the situations and the customer’s needs; for example, one might want to drive a small car in a city, and an SUV for weekend excursions or on holidays. With a fixed monthly payment, Leasys CarCloud makes available different cars in all the main Italian cities. This is ideal for people who travel by airplane or train. The subscription has no time limits and the customer can sign up, renew every month and quit at any time. The subscription is easy to manage, is totally digital and has zero bureaucracy. Customers can decide whether to pick up the vehicle at the nearest Leasys Mobility Store (150 participating stores in Italy) or to have it delivered directly to their own home as an additional service.

The monthly subscription payment covers all the services necessary to drive hassle-free (road tax, kasko insurance, warranty, maintenance, tyre change, etc.) and makes it possible to purchase additional services (e.g. kasko without deductible, pack change and second driver).