MX-30 entails high-voltage components that comprise the e-Skyactiv system that include the motor, battery pack, inverter, and DC-DC converter. The direct current from the battery is converted to alternating current by the inverter to drive the motor, while the DC-DC converter steps down the voltage to supply power to the car’s various 12V auxiliary equipment.

The motor, inverter, DC-DC converter and junction box are integrated into a single high-voltage unit that is mounted toward the front of the car. The MX-30 adopts a refrigerant cooling system that cools the battery pack when the temperature rises.

The e-Skyactiv system can be charged using AC power or rapid-charged using DC power. The model supports DC charging with either the CHAdeMO or COMBO standard. Adopting the most appropriate standard for a specific region makes it possible to charge the MX-30 at any charging station in the world. AC charging of up to 6.6kW is also supported.