FCA Italy announced that it has chosen Transatel’s architecture to provide universal 4G connectivity and a comprehensive connectivity management platform in all 28 countries of the EU and EFTA. The solution will also support 5G as soon as the technology becomes available on the automotive market.

Global connectivity will be native to the vehicles, as eSIMs are soldered into the vehicle at first mount. The connectivity will enable users to benefit from an array of services ranging from car-centric telematics applications and Over The Air software updates, to passenger-centric, high-usage data applications such as infotainment and Wi-Fi onboard. It will also provide emergency calls to comply with European regulations. These can be generated both by the driver pressing a button and also automatically by the vehicle, in case the air-bags open.

For FCA, the initiative announced today falls under the scope of the new global “ecosystem” for connected vehicles, announced last April, which will improve the online functions of its vehicles all over the world. Indeed, in addition to offering the ideal technical environment for electric vehicles, the platform will also support the full range of services for FCA mobility, including rate-per-kilometer options, insurance policies based on the effective use of the vehicle, short, medium and long-term car rental and peer-to-peer car-sharing solutions.

Transatel started working for FCA group over a year ago, as a cellular provider for the on-board telematics unit Mopar Connect.