• BYTON announces first partners, prior to CES 2020, who will be featured on the world`s first 48-inch screen in a production car
  • Partners include ViacomCBS and Access for in-car theater experience; AccuWeather, offering real-time weather updates; Aiqudo for voice control of apps; CloudCar, providing a cloud-based infrastructure; Road. Travel for online trip booking and Xperi for digital HD Radio
  • BYTON announces BYTON Developers Program, enabling innovators to create applications for the BYTON in-car experience
  • BYTON will develop stationary energy storage systems for residential and commercial applications based on the M-Byte battery technology

BYTON, an electric vehicle manufacturer announced a wide range of partnerships that will enliven the user experience, centered on a 48-inch display, the BYTON Stage. Each of these partners brings a unique dimension to the in-car experience of the BYTON M-Byte. In addition to these partnerships, the company announced the BYTON Developer Program as a way for innovators to further enrich the BYTON experience.

BYTON partners with ViacomCBS and ACCESS for unparalleled video experience

ViacomCBS and ACCESS announced a partnership in 2019 to make the global media and entertainment company’s TV brands accessible to vehicle passengers via the ACCESS Twine for car system. From this partnership, ACCESS will be able to supply ViacomCBS content to BYTON’s industry-leading 48-inch screen display. The BYTON Stage offers a platform unlike any other in the automotive industry to present video content. A rich video experience will make spending time in the BYTON M-Byte between journeys every bit as engaging as time spent on the road.

BYTON and AccuWeather combine weather and route info for the road ahead

BYTON users will have access to cutting-edge hyper-local forecasting technology from AccuWeather, the proven leader in worldwide weather forecasting accuracy. As part of the BYTON connected car strategy the M-Byte, using AccuWeather, will not only report the weather conditions on-demand but intuitively inform users of upcoming changes in weather at their destination.

Aiqudo and BYTON enable voice command of mobile apps

BYTON users will be able to safely leverage the ubiquity of their smartphones with Aiqudo’s Voice to Action® platform by allowing voice commands in the vehicle to seamlessly engage with mobile apps, via Bluetooth, using simple and natural language commands.

BYTON and CloudCar enable points-of-interest searches through popular apps

BYTON and CloudCar aim to redefine the in-vehicle user experience through a voice-first, natural-language interface that is ideally suited for drivers. The CloudCar platform’s on-board and cloud-based infrastructure provides global access to unified, infotainment services. Its expanding network of content partners work together to provide the best possible experience from the comfort of the M-Byte.

Plan your road trip on the go with BYTON and Road.Travel

BYTON and Road.Travel together offer a solution for easy online trip booking to worldwide destinations with curated recommendations for every leg of the journey. Trips can be customized to match a specific budget or created on-demand with the help of AI. Road.Travel will offer notifications about nearby places to eat or visit and help with reservations.

Xperi brings Digital HD Radio and DTS Connected Radio to the BYTON M-Byte

BYTON in partnership with Xperi will bring HD Radio into the M-Byte experience. Using digital audio broadcasting technology, HD Radio by Xperi, stations offer crystal-clear digital audio, multiple channels of programming per station, and rich text and image metadata onto the BYTON Stage. Today, HD Radio is widely supported in the US with more than 2,300 individual stations, offering over 4,000 digital audio services.

BYTON and Marubeni Corporation strike a strategic partnership

BYTON and Marubeni Corporation announced a strategic partnership. Marubeni will become a partner in BYTON’s Series C financing. The two companies will also explore opportunities for further cooperation in a range of fields such as mobility services, energy solutions and overseas production and distribution.

BYTON’s Series C financing has now entered the final stage, with investors including the FAW Group and the Nanjing Municipal Government’s industrial investment fund. This cooperation with Marubeni is the second time BYTON has brought in an overseas strategic investor, after signing an agreement in September 2019 with South Korean auto parts maker Myoung Shin Co.