INRIX, connected car services and transportation analytics provider, announced a new global suite of innovative road performance analytics and visualizations. INRIX Analytics powered by the Center for Advanced Transportation Technology (CATT Lab) offers access to highly precise data and tools to help transport agencies assess and make key decisions on the performance of national, regional and city road networks. INRIX Analytics combines decades of expertise and innovation that INRIX and the CATT Lab have both made in transportation analytics.

INRIX fuses anonymous data from diverse datasets – such as phones, cars, trucks and cities – that leads to more robust and accurate insights. With rich data enabling in-depth traffic and trip behavior, INRIX Analytics helps cities and road authorities effectively monitor, manage and measure and the performance of their road network.

INRIX Analytics delivers the most granular mobility data, analytics and visualizations in three distinct, but complementary modules:

  • Roadway Analytics: Pinpoint the benefit of road and transportation improvements, optimize roadway performance and measure project effectiveness with highly granular data and in-depth analytical tools with map animations, charts, and other data visualizations
  • Trip Analytics: Accurate insight into the daily trips consumers and delivery vehicles take, including where they begin and end their journeys and the road segments used, enabling trend analysis and modeling of transportation network investments
  • Signal Analytics: Implement industry-defined signal performance measures – by intersection, movement, time of day and day of week – purely from anonymous vehicle probe data; no roadside infrastructure required