After the unveil of Nexon EV – an electric SUV, Tata Motors introduces ZConnect, which offers 35 advanced connected car features that will electrify the driving experience with seamless connection to the Nexon EV. Intuitive and easy to use, this app is designed to meet the aspirations of contemporary and tech-savvy consumers.

Through ZConnect, users can experience a series of following services:

DEDICATED EV FEATURES: The ZConnect app offers features exclusive to electric vehicles such as remote monitoring of the current charge levels, available range, charging history, nearest charging stations and more.

REMOTE COMMANDS: Users can control multiple aspects of vehicle remotely through ZConnect App, these include Remote lock/unlock, Remote lamp control & Remote horn activation. Taking cognizance of India’s extreme climate conditions, the app allows the user to pre-cool the car with remote cooling function. The app also enables user to see a detailed diagnostic report of key vehicle parameters remotely.

LOCATION-BASED SERVICES: Apart from mapping the current location of the car, the user can also use navigation services to plan long trips. Upon prompting, ZConnect App can also suggest charging halts to be taken along the way. One of the interesting features is ‘Sharing Live Location’, wherein a user can share and get their live location tracked by chosen friends/relatives (for additional security).

FIND THE NEAREST CHARGING STATION: Through ZConnect app, the user can find the nearest charging station, all with a single click. As a part of the exclusive partnership with Tata Power, users can avail preferential access to over 300 charging stations across key metros in India, with more to be added soon.

FIND THE NEAREST TATA MOTORS SERVICE STATION: Apart from the charging station, users can also search for the nearest Tata Motors service station. Using registered mobile number, user can directly reach out to the authorized service station or the dedicated 24X7 call centre for technical support, including roadside assistance.

SAFETY & SECURITY: The ZConnect app is designed to send out instant crash notifications, panic notifications and an emergency SOS, when necessary. Further, in case the car is stolen, the user can request for a remote immobilization service via dedicated 24X7 call center.

ALERT SERVICES: The app is designed to release over 20 different instant alerts, keeping the user informed about critical vehicle health and safety parameters. Apart from these, users can set custom speed, Geo fence or time fence limits. Breach of any of these, triggers an instant alert on the smartphone.

DRIVER BEHAVIOUR MONITORING & TRIBES: ZConnect monitors and analyzes driving behaviour through the journey and provides a driving scorecard at the end of each trip. The scorecard provides insights such as instances of harsh acceleration, harsh braking, average speed, etc. Users can share their respective scorecards on social media or on an inbuilt community of EV owners called “Tribes”.


  1. 7” floating touchscreen by Harman
  2. 4 speakers + 4 tweeters to provide surround sound experience.
  3. Android Auto and Apple car play connectivity.

iRA Tech

The Nexon 2020 will be the 1st car from Tata Motors to feature the Connected Technology Platform ‘iRA’. iRA stands for iNTELLIGENT REAL-TIME ASSIST. It is Tata Motors’ new connected car technology, which has been designed specifically for India and caters to its unique driving conditions.

‘iRA Tech’ features the following technologies in the new NEXON:

  1. What3Words: The revolutionary 3-word global addressing system which ensures an accuracy of 3 meters in your location search & navigation.
  2. Connected Safety: Always keep a track of your car through your smartphone using Geofence and Find My Car feature. It instills a sense of security for your loved ones when you are not around them and also protects the car from thefts by raising an INTRUSION ALERT on your phone. Also, provides vehicle-crash notification to the Emergency contacts in the event of an unfortunate collision. It also lets the customer run live vehicle diagnostics, before he/she starts a long drive.
  3. Tribes: A first of its kind unique feature app which will rate the car driver on his/her driving habits and provide a score. It will help create a connected community of Tata car owners, where they will compete and engage with each other to improve their driving scores!
  4. Natural Voice system: A unique voice tech – which understands you better and talks in your language. The uniquely designed voice system is compatible with native Hindi, English & Hinglish language conversations and more! For the 1st time, customers can now interact with Nexon’s infotainment using Hindi conversations for Climate Control, Music, Calls, Vehicle Fuel & Range information.

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