ThunderSoft,  an operating system technology provider and Guangzhou Automobile Group Co.,Ltd. Automotive Engineering Institute (GAC R&D Center) announces the establishment of GAC R&D Center – ThunderSoft Joint Innovation Center for Intelligent Vehicle Software (JIC). The two companies will jointly develop a world-class Intelligent Connected Vehicle (ICV) platform, promoting the technological development in ICV areas. A simple and grand signing ceremony is held through online video, WANG Qiujing, president of GAC R&D Center and ZHAO Hongfei, CEO of ThunderSoft sign the agreement on both sides.

GAC R&D Center plays the role of a research hub of GAC Group, and it has mastered the key technologies in electrification, intellectualization, digitization, and emotional design which show its rich R&D experience and strong capabilities. In terms of intelligent connected technology, 4 systems: autopilot, intelligent connectivity, cloud platform, and big data have been created which are based on its self-developed in-car intelligent-connected ecosystem ADiGO.

ThunderSoft leads in an intelligent operating system, Kanzi UI engine and design ecosystem, AutoCDK intelligent vision, smart vehicle cockpit solutions and AI technology. It also has full-stack capabilities from chips, OS up to the cloud. The two companies will establish a deep and extensive partnership to create a ICV platform. Prospective research will be jointly carried out based on ICV operating system over many aspects, such as in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system, smart vehicle cockpit solutions, AI, intelligent vision, security technology.

ThunderSoft and GAC R&D Center have a solid foundation for cooperation. Since 2016, the two companies have been working on the ICV infotainment system and ecosystem, widely applied in GAC GS4, GS8, Aion S and other main models. The system supports OTA (Over-the-air programming), audio interaction, online/offline navigation and integrated IoV (Internet of Vehicle) services. For the first time, Wechat is functioning in the vehicle which brings convenient driving experience to our customers.

As the software-defined automotive era is coming, most functions are going to carried by software. ICV operating system is a fundamental basis of all software, applications, services and business innovation. The JIC will be a new base for software and application innovation, promoting the establishment of ICV ecosystem.