CalAmp, a global technology solutions provider for the mobile connected economy, announced its subsidiary, LoJack Italia, a telematics service provider, has been selected to contact emergency response services after a collision to speed potentially life-saving assistance via Private eCall to drivers across Italy.

Private eCall, a European-mandated alert service that provides urgent medical assistance to drivers involved in road crashes, will now be available throughout Italy. With the recent signing of an agreement between AREU (Regional Agency for Emergency Urgency) and the Telematics Service Providers (TSP) Association, only the LoJack Italia Command Center, along with a few other selected TSP Association members, are now authorized to provide emergency calls directly to the European 112 Central Response Center via Private eCall.

When a collision occurs, vehicles equipped with LoJack Italia’s CrashBoxx™ crash response technology send an instant alert to the LoJack Italia Command Center with detailed information about the crash, including its time, location and severity. Based on this CrashBoxx information, LoJack operators can take immediate steps to contact the driver by phone, while also alerting the 112 Central Response Center and providing the location of the nearest rescue center to expedite emergency medical intervention.

CrashBoxx provides instant crash notification and accident reconstruction information. Moreover, based on the severity of each accident – assessed in real-time by CrashBoxx – the LoJack Command Center (active every day, 24 hours a day) contacts the motorist immediately to determine passenger conditions, facilitate emergency response, send roadside assistance, or book a courtesy car until repairs are complete. In addition, high-fidelity accident reconstruction reports can be sent directly to the owner’s insurance company to streamline the claims process.