SBD Automotive accept award

SBD Automotive, the CASE-technology (Connected, Autonomous, Shared Mobility, EV) research and consultancy to the automotive industry, has been named ‘Business of the Year’ at an awards ceremony near its UK headquarters in Milton Keynes.

“Whilst SBD is focused on automotive technologies, it is by remembering the human element we have found success” says David Bell, CEO of SBD Automotive. “It is by thinking of our clients as people, not companies, and by ensuring we provide data and advice that is reliable, insightful and actionable.  We have achieved over 300% growth in the past 5 years, but the big achievement around that is to do so with culturally sustainable growth – we have always enjoyed a strong family culture and we have continued to foster that culture throughout our growth.”

SBD Automotive has evolved into a global brand, with offices in North America, China, Japan, Germany and India, and is currently working with much of the automotive industry.

“Our mission is to shape the future of mobility by helping the automotive industry make smarter, more secure, better connected, and increasingly autonomous cars” says David McClure, Chief Operating Officer. “To stay on the cutting edge, we are continually innovating our research and consultancy services. By leveraging software and AI, and grounding our insights in data, we are able to remain at the forefront of automotive innovation.”

“Over the next few months, the automotive industry will experience drastic changes to the way they work, with teams learning to rely on each other remotely” says McClure. “We are already seeing a number of automakers looking for strategic backup and support from SBD’s ‘virtual teams’ to help them stay ahead of their targets. While it will be a struggle for many manufacturers, it’s times like this that innovation and industry can leap forward.”

You can find more about SBD Automotive here