High Mobility told press that this investment signifies the continued trust of investors in its mission to deliver a streamlined car data platform that allows businesses to launch, and scale, vehicle services through a singular connected car API. The investment will also allow it to work with a wider range of brands and provide more data sources to third party services within the mobility sector.

Since 2012, High Mobility has been facilitating connected car services and applications alongside its API work with the intent to create an ecosystem in the car data sector connecting developers to global manufacturers. Currently, their API allows developers to access and utilize data from models by BMW, MINI and Mercedes-Benz; although with an increasing client base, and DAT’s investment, we can expect to see more cars featured in the API in the near future.

The DAT Group, who have collected, organized and analyzed automotive data for over 85 years praised High Mobility, identifying much of the company’s work and core principles with their own. They praised High Mobility’s adaptive provision of telematics data for differing business models and noted its correlation with their own mandate. DAT additionally commented on how their work had assisted in the consolidation of different data formats from a range of manufacturers into a ‘uniform, readable format’ – working in a similar fashion to High Mobility’s API.

DAT’s Director of Products, Dr. Thilo Wagner, commented on the additional benefits of their investment: “By acquiring shares in HIGH MOBILITY, we have secured access to a well-established development service that we would otherwise have had to provide ourselves anyway. After all, it goes without saying that we expect to play a leading role when it comes to distributing telematics data. Going forward, we will use the time we have gained to create added value from the vehicle data provided for all those involved based on the technical framework established by High Mobility.” It is intriguing to see these similarities between High Mobility and DAT this early into their partnership and it will be very interesting to see how it develops over time.

High Mobility’s API has already proved itself as an interesting platform with a strong European client base. With this strong investment into its services, the API looks set to become a significant tool for a range of sectors in automotive as vehicles become increasingly connected.