SBD Automotive joins the likes of Apple, GM, BMW, and Honda as a member of the Car Connectivity Consortium.

The Consortium aims to make automotive connectivity simple, safe, and user-friendly. Recently, the focus has been on the Digital Key project. The project aims to introduce an open standard for digital keys that utilizes smart devices. With Digital Key, the Consortium aims for users to be able to lock and unlock their cars, start the engine, and enable shared mobility through their smartphones.

For over 20 years, SBD Automotive has provided clients with detailed research into automotive technology. With a mission to be the world-leading knowledge partner for the automotive industry, SBD supplies expert knowledge, research and consulting support in a number of CASE-technologies, including running in-house Cyber Security and Anti-Theft teams.

SBD has a portfolio of work surrounding smartphone key systems, the most notable of which is the Smartphone Key System Evaluation report series. It analyzes the latest systems with an emphasis on security and user convenience following rigorous testing from SBD’s smartphone key testing team. So far, the systems for Tesla’s Model 3, BMW’s X5 and Mercedes-Benz’s A-Class and S-Class vehicles have been evaluated, with many more to be evaluated this year.