Facedrive, a ridesharing network provider, is pleased to announce its expansion to Ottawa, Ontario. Newly licensed in Canada’s capital, Facedrive is expected to offer its services to Ottawa’s residents within the next 30 days in accordance with its national and global expansion plans.

Facedrive is a first of its kind, 100% Canadian ridesharing platform that is designed to incentivize and empower the green and socially responsible consumer looking to make a meaningful and measurable impact. Facedrive’s environmentally-friendly philosophy of ridesharing allows passengers to request rides in electric, hybrid or gas-powered vehicles through the Facedrive App. Trips completed using the Facedrive App help offset C02 emissions by contributing a portion of the rider’s fare to carbon offset initiatives, such as tree planting.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Facedrive is committed to working closely with the City of Ottawa and the local authorities in support of their endeavor to identify transportation gaps and offer solutions at a critical time for all.

A safe transportation solution is critical at this time, and Facedrive is currently working with many cities amid the coronavirus pandemic to bridge transportation gaps as it expands into additional cities and countries. Facedrive will be there to demonstrate that ridesharing can put people and planet first in an economically feasible manner.