Transatel announced the launch of IoV Connect, a global cellular connectivity platform specifically designed for the sector of motorized vehicles.

Available in PaaS mode, the platform is dedicated to solving vehicle manufacturers’ greatest challenges currently not being addressed by the market. The platform’s first key differentiator is ‘MNO selection at network-level’. Any addition, removal, change of host radio network anywhere in the world is programmed at the network level and thus implemented instantaneously, not requiring complex Over-The-Air SIM profile update campaigns.

The second key differentiator is end-user management, for which most connected car platforms come unequipped. Leveraging on Transatel’s 20+ years’ experience in launching mobile B2C offers around the world, IoV Connect offers the professional tools, insights and expertise to cover all aspects of pricing, marketing, billing, customer experience, customer care and regulatory compliance.

Last, IoV Connect offers a fully re-brandable service for onboard Wi-Fi and infotainment, complete with marketing and end-user support services: Ubigi.