The new “myOpel” app enables users to find out the state of charge, select the charging time and start the air conditioning at any time. The “myOpel” app also gives reminders about important appointments, such as for servicing.

A clever system calculates the range displayed by the “myOpel” app. It not only considers the state of charge of the battery but also the previous driving style. If the Corsa-e is driven particularly efficiently, this energy-saving driving style is reflected accordingly in the range. However, if the Corsa-e is driven more sportily, the display shows a different range forecast, even if the state of charge was identical. The realistic range forecasts, therefore, make the “myOpel” app a reliable partner for the next journey.

The second remote-controlled function concerns charging management. When the Corsa-e or Grandland X Plug-in-Hybrid is plugged in, users can specify a certain time when charging should begin. If electricity is cheaper at night and higher prices during the day are avoided, this can save money.

The Corsa-e, as well as the Grandland X Plug-in-Hybrid, also features as standard air conditioning that can be programmed via the “myOpel” app. Preconditioning allows the setting of the interior temperature before the drive has even begun, regardless of whether the outside temperature is minus 10 or plus 30 degrees Celsius.