In a new partnership, Vattenfall and Hyundai make it possible for Dutch customers to purchase a future-proof charging point and charge card from Vattenfall. This is done at the Hyundai dealer when buying or leasing a KONA Electric or IONIQ Electric.

Hyundai offers future-proof 22 kW (3-phase) charging points through Vattenfall so that drivers can charge their KONA Electric or IONIQ Electric. The charging point is also suitable for new Hyundai models that will be delivered with even higher charging speeds.

The charging box – a complete all-in-one package – is installed at the customer’s home or at business premises so that both electric driving and charging are carefree. With the charge card supplied by Vattenfall, the driver of an electric Hyundai can also charge on the go at public InCharge charging stations.

Hyundai is one of the largest car brands in the field of electric driving and has the ambition to be the greenest car brand in the world by 2025. Over the next five years, Hyundai will invest € 87 billion in new electric models and new mobility solutions. Hyundai and Vattenfall are also jointly working on a proposition to supply fossil-free energy to the network in the future.