The Nissan Kicks e-POWER, an all-new subcompact SUV that gives drivers the power and performance of an electric car, debuted in Thailand. This is a Nissan regional launch event, and the world-debut of the new Nissan model: Nissan Kicks e-POWER. Equipped with e-POWER, the revolutionary electrified powertrain first introduced by Nissan in Japan, the new Kicks is built in Thailand and perfectly tailored for the lifestyles of urban customers.

Nissan’s award-winning e-POWER technology brings a fully electric motor drive, meaning that the wheels are completely driven by the electric motor. The power from a high-output battery is delivered to the e-POWER compact powertrain comprising a gasoline engine, power generator, inverter and a motor.

The all-new Nissan Kicks e-POWER technology features an EM57 electric motor, generator and inverter that generates electricity from its 1.2 liters DOHC 12-valve three-cylinder engine. The e-POWER system offers a maximum power of 95 kilowatts (kW) (129 PS), a maximum flat-torque of 260 Nm, and a lithium-ion battery—all delivering a driving experience similar to an EV. The 1.57 kWh lithium-ion battery in the all-new Nissan Kicks  e-POWER has four modules that provide smooth acceleration, quiet rides, and increased fuel efficiency.

The Kicks e-POWER also features four driving modes: Normal, S, Eco and EV. In Normal, the car produces excellent acceleration off the line and stopping power (lifting off the acceleration pedal) that is on par with the braking of its conventional gasoline-powered counterparts. In S, the car accelerates even quicker with enhanced stopping power. In Eco, the car goes into gasoline-saving mode by regulating the battery power. EV mode uses stored battery electric power only, allowing a quiet drive experience without the petrol engine operating.

Intelligent Integration elements are powered by Nissan Connect, a multi-infotainment system with 8-inch touchscreen Color Display Audio (AIVI). It keeps customers ahead of the curve by bringing infotainment, navigation, safety and security under a single platform with a seamless connection via smartphone (Apple CarPlay for iOS). Nissan Connect also demonstrates how Nissan Intelligent Integration operates as a core feature in NIM.

The all-new Nissan Kicks e-POWER has a warranty for the longevity, durability, and high-quality performance of its lithium-ion batteries for up to 10 years and an electric system for up to five years. Also, the all-new Nissan Kicks’ e-POWER vehicle warranty is for 3 years, or 100,000 kilometers, whichever occurs first.