Regulus Cyber, creator of the first “anti-virus” software to protect satellite navigation and timing across a wide range of applications, including automotive, mobile, IoT and critical infrastructure, today announced that the company raised $4M. Part of a future Series B-Round, the funds will be used to enhance their R&D and sales efforts around supporting the recent U.S. executive order that emphasized the protection of positioning, navigation, and time provided by GPS.

The funding was led by SPDG Ventures (the holding company of the Périer-D’Ieteren family, owners of Belgium’s largest automotive business) and joined by btov Partners (investor in Facebook, OrCam, and Volocopter) with all previous investors participating including Sierra Ventures, Canaan Partners Israel, F2 Capital, the Technion TIOF fund and Technion R&D foundation.

The Regulus Pyramid GNSS is a software solution that uses machine learning to detect spoofing and defend any GNSS receiver, device, or chipset against it — ensuring the security and reliability that are essential to safe and accurate navigation. GPS spoofing attacks are becoming more common and are often very difficult to detect and protect against. Pyramid GNSS uses a combination of patented algorithms, developed over years of spoofing experiments to protect against attacks at the firmware, operating system, or application level. Furthermore, Regulus Cyber had recent breakthroughs in their capability to completely mitigate spoofing as well.