Cerence, AI for a world in motion, announced that its Cerence Drive platform will bring an enhanced conversational experience to Audi’s new, next-generation voice assistant. This connected navigation and infotainment system provides real-time access to all content, services, and features within select Audi vehicles through the Audi Connect platform.

Cerence Drive utilizes speech recognition, natural language understanding (NLU), text-to-speech (TTS), and speech signal enhancement to create a truly conversational automotive assistant for Audi that listens, understands, and responds to drivers. Leveraging Cerence’s most advanced NLU and deep learning-based algorithms for TTS and contextual understanding, Audi’s mobility assistant understands natural, everyday speech and delivers information in a uniquely expressive style for a more personal tone with in-car experience. The assistant can collaborate with and ask questions of the driver, navigate complex commands and queries with multiple steps, and offer options for the driver to choose from.

With speed and reliability in mind, Cerence built the assistant, including its Audi-branded TTS capabilities, with both cloud-based and embedded components. This unique, hybrid approach provides drivers with fast and natural access to the services and features they need – ranging from news, music, and weather to navigation, parking, and fuel – even in areas of low or no connectivity.

Audi’s new voice assistant platform is currently available in Audi’s A8, A6, A1, A4, Q7, Q3, and e-tron models, with additional models to come in 2020.