Porsche is launching a new “Parken Plus” service in Germany. The heart of this service is an app that makes parking easier in many different ways.

In addition to the car park service, the new “Parken Plus” app also offers advantages for roadside parking: in currently 250 German cities, users can book a parking ticket digitally using their smartphone and also view the amount of parking time used up at all times. If the booked session is about to expire, they will receive a reminder 15 minutes before the end of the session. The parking time can be easily extended with “Parken Plus” when on the go. In addition, the application has a start-stop function so that it only charges for the parking time that is actually used. This means that app users do not just park with less stress, but also with lower costs – independent of the manufacturer. In 70 cities, users also receive free short-stay parking tickets to that they can fetch bread rolls from the baker’s, for example.

With their Porsche ID Card, customers can contactlessly access around 300 car parks throughout the whole of Germany. It is no longer necessary to take a paper ticket and pay at the ticket machine – parking starts and ends automatically. In addition, it is sufficient in most participating car parks to simply briefly hold up the Porsche ID Card when entering the car park. The card has to be held close to the reader at the barrier only in a few cases. As a result, driving into the car park is easier for “Parken Plus” users, and there is less risk of damage to the wheel rims when entering and leaving the car park.

In 2017, Porsche launched a parking service with the name “Parken Plus” together with evopark. The new “Parken Plus” app replaces this service and extends the range of benefits for customers. The app also covers significantly more parking areas in Germany.