Cerence announced that Ford Motor Company has selected the company’s Cerence Drive products to bring advanced, conversational AI and voice recognition to the Ford SYNC 4 communications and entertainment system.

Leveraging Cerence Drive products, Ford SYNC 4 delivers enhanced AI-powered technologies and embedded and connected services to create a conversational, safe and productive experience for Ford drivers. SYNC 4 is now faster, easier and simpler than ever to use, with the ability to understand requests spoken in natural language, like “find me the best Thai restaurant.”  The system can also learn driver preferences over time to deliver the most relevant information.

The ongoing collaboration between Cerence and Ford marks 15 years of continued innovation on the SYNC platform. Cerence’s work with Ford began in 2005 in the early days of voice-enabled phone dialing, later evolving to the development of the first-of-its-kind Ford SYNC platform. The launch of SYNC in 2007 marked a watershed moment for the automotive industry as the first mass-market, voice-powered, in-car infotainment system.

Fluent in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and 21 other languages, depending on region, Ford SYNC 4 leverages Cerence’s AI-powered voice recognition to enable access to a wide variety of in-vehicle functions and the connected apps, content and services that matter most to Ford drivers, including Waze and Amazon Alexa. Ford SYNC 4 will be available in select Ford vehicles beginning this year.