Kia Motors Corporation has announced the launch of a ‘Kia Owner’s Manual App’, an AI-based owner’s manual developed in partnership with Google Cloud and Megazone.

The Kia Owner’s Manual App is a customer-friendly mobile app that explains the name and functions of features found inside Kia models using the smartphone camera. Instead of having to refer to the printed owner’s manual, drivers can use the app to more easily find information about individual features. The easy-to-use app also has the advantage of being able to explain functions simply and conveniently.

Kia has offered augmented reality (AR) mobile apps to customers in certain markets since 2017. However, wide use of the app was limited as it required measuring all layouts and switches for every new model. Kia, Google and Megazone focused on recognizing symbols on the switches making the app compatible with any new models as symbols in vehicles are universal. Partnering with Google Cloud and Megazone means the new Kia Owner’s Manual app can be more easily tailored and adapted for dozens of Kia’s global markets.

AI-enhanced symbol recognition

By applying Google Cloud’s unique AI platform-based image learning technology, the app’s Symbol Scanner function allows accurate identification of in-car switch symbols from any angle.

For example, if a user scans the ‘cruise control’ symbol on the steering wheel with a smartphone, the AI platform will recognize the image via server communication. The smartphone then instantly displays a video introducing the detailed functions of the cruise control system.

Fully-searchable Digital Owner’s Manual

In addition, the Kia Owner’s Manual App serves as a digital owner’s manual with a search function. It also provides a Symbol Index and Warning Indicator Index, providing an illustrated list of in-car symbols and instrument cluster warning lights and their definitions.

Kia Owner’s Manual App to launch in the second half of 2020

Kia Motors will roll out the Kia Owner’s Manual App sequentially starting in the second half of 2020, starting with new cars scheduled to be released worldwide.