LG Chem and GS Caltex announced at the Seoul Yeouido LG Twin Tower that it entered the ‘MOU for Improving the Charging Environment and Finding New Business Opportunities’ together with Signet EV, Soft Berry, KST Mobility, and Green Car.

LG Chem and GS Caltex agreed on the need to develop a charging solution for the sake of developing an EV ecosystem, and will collaborate with partners in the EV industry by deciding to provide battery services using big data generated during the EV charging process. The purpose of this MOU is to utilize EV big data collected at charging stations to find various battery specialized services, and LG Chem and GS Caltex agreed to first develop a battery safety diagnostic service.

The battery safety diagnostic service will save driving and charging data in a cloud server while an EV (Green Car, KST Mobility) charges at a GS Caltex Charging Station, and using the LG Chem big data analysis and battery service algorithm, the current status and dangers of the battery will be checked and provided not only on the charger panel (Signet EV), but also the driver’s mobile phone (Soft Berry).

The two companies also agreed to search for new services such as smart charging and remaining life prediction that can improve the battery life based on the battery safety diagnostic service in the future. Once the service is developed, the driver can receive one-stop services at the GS Caltex EV charging station including battery safety diagnostics, smart charging that apply degeneration prevention algorithms, and remaining life prediction services.

After completing the empirical project by 2021, LG Chem and GS Caltex will launch domestic service businesses and they also plan to expand the battery specialized service business to overseas charging markets starting in 2022.