OCTO Telematics has expanded its scope of services to meet the needs of fleet managers, car sharing and corporate car sharing operators to unblock COVID-19 after lease Fully prepare for process management.

The innovative Smart KeyLess solution based on OCTO’s proprietary technology provides new functions. It allows operators and users to benefit from its quick and easy wiring-free installation and contactless rental process. Now, its service is completely unaffected by the lack of GSM coverage, because the vehicle may lack GSM signal when parked in the garage.

Simply connect the OCTO telematics equipment to the OBD socket of the vehicle and link it to the OCTO SmartKey to complete the installation. The entire process can be completed within 15 minutes. After that, its smart key will replace the factory key originally attached to the vehicle and provide all safety and convenience functions, including electronic and mechanical functions. Expensive factory keys can be safely stored to prevent loss or damage. At this point, the vehicle and OCTO KeyLess can be used. 

OCTO KeyLess is a dedicated smartphone application that users can use to open and lock doors without any other contact with the car. Fleet managers can also manage cars remotely and take advantage of all the capabilities of fleet telematics provided by OCTO.

OCTO Smart KeyLess provides the tools needed to support and simplify the work of fleet managers after the “epidemic unblocking”. The non-contact leasing process it implements helps to ensure the safety of drivers while improving the efficiency of the leasing process. OCTO Smart KeyLess is also fully compatible with other OCTO solutions, including solutions dedicated to the “new normal”, such as the OCTO PurePlace solution for disinfection of vehicles and controlled environments, and more advanced fleet management And insurance telematics solutions.