Polestar 2 is the first car to feature an infotainment system powered by Android Automotive OS, with Google apps and services built-in. This, combined with three years of internet connectivity included in the purchase price, makes Polestar 2 a platform to both showcase and enjoy new ideas for streaming media apps.

Via the Google Play Store on the centre display, Polestar 2 customers are able to download a range of media apps for enjoying podcasts, radio, audiobooks, and music. With Google Assistant integrated into the car, these apps can also be voice controlled with commands like “Hey Google, play some music”, providing an easy-to-use and fun experience for the driver as well as passengers.

To facilitate development, Google is making it easier for developers to comply with driver-distraction guidelines and restrictions, and providing media app templates for Android Automotive OS. Polestar is also releasing a new version of its system emulator for the Android Studio development platform, which now features a full implementation of embedded Google apps and services. This makes it possible for developers to test voice control and other integrations in their apps while work is in progress, allowing them to see and control the apps in the same way as users will inside Polestar 2.

Apps scheduled to be available in Polestar 2 include: podcast apps Castbox and Pocket Casts; library app Libby; radio apps iHeartRadio, Swedish Radio Play and NRK Radio; Bauer Media Audio’s Magic Radio and Radioplayer apps; music and podcast app Spotify.

Google apps and services in Polestar 2 consists of the Google Play Store for downloading apps, Google Maps for navigation, and Google Assistant for voice control.