Ridecell, a platform provider for mobility operators announced that KINTO Share, a shared mobility program for Toyota Sweden, has selected the Ridecell High-yield Mobility Platform to run their mobility operations. The Ridecell platform runs all aspects of the service, including customer verification, vehicle lock and unlock, service management, and yield monetization analytics. In addition, the Ridecell platform automates business and operations, including fleet servicing and maintenance to ensure a top condition fleet and deliver high-quality customer experiences.

KINTO Share offers the option to rent vehicles for any duration required, from minutes to months. KINTO Share offers a fixed price for the selected time, plus an additional kilometer fee. Vehicles are picked up and returned to designated stations based in Stockholm. Stockholm’s KINTO Share officially opened to public use on June 22, 2020, with plans to expand to more cities in Sweden.

While shared mobility has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Ridecell has seen continued growth, especially in the car sharing market. Since March, Ridecell has added ZITY Paris, GIG Seattle, and now KINTO Share in Stockholm as new customers or customer expansions. Cities across the world are actively looking for transportation alternatives as the world emerges from lockdown. Shared mobility operators are turning to Ridecell because the company’s High-yield Mobility Platform offers the agility to quickly adjust to market demand while maximizing fleet utilization and profitability. Operators can switch from car sharing during the day to ride hailing at night or to monthly vehicle subscriptions as market needs shift.

Ridecell offers the world’s only end-to-end platform for all types of mobility, including digital sales, private leases, short-term subscriptions, digital access to commercial fleets, and shared mobility for consumers.