Cerence, AI for a world in motion announced its customizable wake-up word technology, enabling drivers to create their own personalized wake-up word for their automotive assistant – a unique capability in the landscape of digital assistants, which typically only function with a prescribed wake-up word.

First deployed in the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, in which drivers can use the standard “Hey BMW” or change the name of the assistant to one of their choosing, customizable wake-up words are a powerful capability that enhance the unique experience offered by automakers in their branded assistants. Similar to the company’s custom voice solutions through which drivers can give their assistant the voice of a family member or loved one, customizable wake-up words have a significant impact on drivers’ connection to and usage of their automotive assistant, deepening their loyalty to the OEM brand.

Cerence’s customizable wake-up word technology is part of Cerence Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), which delivers stunningly accurate embedded and cloud-based voice recognition with extensive language support and optimization for a wide variety of applications. This means that drivers can set their wake-up word to any word they choose without worry that it will not be recognized or understood by the assistant.