Elektrobit (EB), a supplier of embedded and connected software products for the automotive industry, and Unity announced a collaboration to streamline the process to design and develop automotive human-machine interfaces (HMIs), extending together the power of real-time rendering to create next-generation, future-proof user experiences.

The growing prevalence of high-performance computing platforms in cars and the increasing sizes and numbers of displays in vehicles are driving demand for more real-time and photorealistic 3D experiences, both for improved usability and enhanced customer delight. In order to make these experiences available, 3D designers and HMI development teams need integrated toolchains that facilitate the design process all the way through to implementation.

This collaboration harnesses the power of Unity’s real-time 3D rendering platform, and EB GUIDE, Elektrobit’s unique and comprehensive HMI development toolchain that powers more than 50 million vehicles on the road today. By combining their expertise, EB and Unity are enabling their customers to jump-start next-gen real-time 3D automotive HMIs by accelerating time to market and providing a reliable foundation throughout the entire development journey.