EV Connect announced a new Partner Program to simplify charge station deployment, improve the ownership experience for site owners, and ensure both charge station and charging network interoperability, as well as enhance the EV driver experience.

The program is the industry’s first and most comprehensive integrated hardware-software partner program for EV charging and is designed to fortify technical, business, and support relationships with charging station manufacturers. Additionally, the program aims to bundle turnkey EV charging solutions into comprehensive offerings that simplify the selling, buying, and management process of EV charging for drivers and site owners. Industry leaders BTCPower, EVBox, and EVoCharge are premier partners of the program.

By joining the EV Connect Partner Program, BTCPower, EVBox, and EVoCharge gain access to technical expertise to quickly establish deep, programmatic integration with EV Connect’s charging station management platform. The Partner Program will yield bundled, turnkey solutions that hardware partners can leverage to increase sales volumes by taking advantage of additional market reach.

Through the new EV Connect Manufacturer Portal, manufacturers who previously had little insight into chargers deployed in the field can now view their charging stations’ performance and health from a central dashboard. In addition to saving costly downtime by enabling early diagnosis and troubleshooting of problems in the field, the Manufacturer Portal also gives unprecedented insights into deployed products by pulling field data back into manufacturers’ respective engineering cycles on an ongoing basis. With in-depth technical training on charging stations, hardware partners empower EV Connect’s support team to review diagnostics and performance data, triage problems remotely, and ensure optimum station uptime. In all, the EV Connect Partner Program will significantly reduce traditional support and warranty costs while delivering an even better EV driver experience.

For value-added resellers (VARs), the EV Connect Partner Program offers streamlined sales with turnkey solutions for target markets ensuring industry-leading support post-deployment. As a result of the Partner Program, EV Connect and its partners will accelerate the growth of transportation electrification by providing EV drivers the confidence of better charging station uptime.