HERE Technologies and Cedar Electronics, announced that BMW customers in the U.S. are the first to access a new connected vehicle service that alerts drivers of permanent and mobile traffic camera locations in advance.

The service, BMW Traffic Camera Information, provides BMW owners with timely, relevant and accurate driving information. The alerts are powered by the HERE Safety Cameras product which identifies permanent traffic camera locations and the positions of mobile traffic cameras, based on automated sensor data from Cedar Electronics.

The information is integrated on the HERE platform and delivered seamlessly to BMW vehicles with the service enabled. The service is included as a 3-month trial on MY21 vehicles with Live Cockpit Professional equipment (SA6U3), starting with July 2020 production. Customers can purchase an annual subscription after the trial period. Customers with older vehicle models with iDrive Operating System 7 and Live Cockpit Professional (SA6U3) can also purchase this service via the ConnectedDrive store.

HERE and Cedar Electronics teamed up to deliver this comprehensive driver alert service to the market. Cedar Electronics provides the sensor-based, user-generated radar and laser alerts through its established Cobra and ESCORT driver community applications. HERE Safety Cameras is available as an application programming interface (API) to the auto industry. It is a member of the HERE Connected Services product line that includes EV Charge Points, Parking, Fuel Prices, and Destination Weather.