Cerence, AI for a world in motion announced that Dongfeng Motor, one of the automakers in China, has selected connected car and automotive assistant products from Cerence and PATEO CONNECT+, a leading connected car company in Asia, for its next-generation Aeolus AX7.

To build an intuitive, conversational assistant experience, Dongfeng has chosen Cerence ARK (AI Reference Kit), a turnkey automotive assistant, to quickly develop, deploy and manage a fully localized automotive voice assistant that will be integrated into a head unit designed and built by PATEO. With ARK, Cerence combined its state-of-the-art, AI-powered voice assistant features, including wake-up word, speech recognition, speech signal enhancement, natural language understanding, and text to speech, to deliver a responsive, fast and highly intelligent assistant that serves as the digital centerpiece of the Aeolus AX7.