Faraday Future (FF), a California-based shared intelligent mobility ecosystem company announced additional details on its FF 91 ultra-luxury vehicle, including updates to its HUD (head-up display) functionality. In addition to the HUD, FF 91 features a central hub display up front, with a 15.4-inch display, a predictive home screen that tailors itself to destinations in your navigation and frequented apps and offers recommendations for music and media based on preferences.

This means FF is now able to provide a unique HUD on FF 91 that works with or without polarized glasses, giving our users an optimum driving experience.

Among the other changes made to FF 91 include redundant core drive information on the HUD and instrument cluster for increased safety: Users will now see speedometer and other core drive information on both the HUD and the instrument cluster. In addition, FF 91 will now also have optimized steering wheel controls and HUD menu: the steering wheel interaction with the HUD and the HUD menu itself has been simplified for easier control. This is based on direct feedback from our prospective customers as well as from extensive road testing.

FF 91 is slated to have the largest heads-up display in the industry that projects information as if it were 2.7 meters in front of the driver to help keep the driver’s eyes on the road. Below the HUD is the instrument panel, which stretches 11.6 inches, wrapping around the driver’s periphery and providing a synchronized experience with the HUD.