• HORIBA MIRA is partnering with Vodafone to bring 5G to its Nuneaton HQ
  • Unique 5G mobile private network will allow vehicles to communicate with each other and surrounding infrastructure, such as traffic signals
  • It marks a major milestone for developing connected vehicles by creating ‘vehicle networks’
  • 5G connectivity capability is a game changer to the safety, efficiency and convenience of driverless vehicle

In a welcome boost for Britain’s self-driving revolution, HORIBA MIRA is teaming up with Vodafone to bring 5G to its Midlands headquarters.

This latest investment by HORIBA MIRA will see Vodafone deploy and build a 4G and 5G mobile private network at the company’s Nuneaton site.

This will expand HORIBA MIRA’s unique self-driving capabilities, which already includes unrivalled expertise in the rising cybersecurity threats facing driverless technologies as well as the use of artificial intelligence in Unmanned Ground Vehicles in the defence sector.

The 5G offering will be used by HORIBA MIRA’s clients, namely automakers, self-driving disruptors and their suppliers, to push the boundaries of driverless technologies through new forms of engineering, testing, verification and validation.

Vodafone is installing the latest 5G technology which offers ultrafast data speeds, allowing vehicles to communicate with each other and the surrounding infrastructure – including traffic signals – in near-real time.

Vodafone 5G technology has the potential to massively improve the performance and capability of connected and driverless vehicles.  By communicating with other vehicles they can react much quicker to fast-evolving emergency situations, form co-operative groups of vehicles for more efficient delivery of goods, and even improve air quality through better route planning and more efficient operation.

HORIBA MIRA, a key member of the Automotive Council – the organisation that oversees the UK’s strategy on driverless vehicles – believes creating this 5G capability is an important breakthrough in taking self-driving technology to the next stage of mainstream deployment and mass commercialisation.