Kandi America announced it has received the required clearance from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its two electric vehicle (EV) models – the K23 and K27 – via Certificates of Conformity.

Kandi America first announced its two vehicle models in July 2020 with the mission of making EVs accessible to all. The K27, Kandi’s smaller model, has an MSRP of $17,499. With federal tax incentives, eligible buyers can pre-order the K27 today for just $9,999.

This EPA approval also unlocks incentives from many states. Different states offer different tax incentives to EV buyers. For example, buyers in Colorado receive an additional $4,000 in state tax credit for purchasing an EV, bringing the price of the K27 down to $5,999.

Pricing for Kandi’s SUV-style EV, the K23, begins at $27,499. Factoring in federal tax incentives lowers the price to $19,999. Additional state tax credits can be applied to reduce the price to as low as $15,999.