NewMotion announces its partnership with Europcar Mobility Group NewMotion will provide Europcar Mobility Group with a complete ecosystem of charging solutions – from easy-to-use, smart charge points to access to the Business Hub platform that allows monitoring, management and control of the entire charging infrastructure.

In addition, with NewMotion, customers renting an electric vehicle in one of the Europcar Mobility Group’s stations will receive a charge card providing them with access to Europe’s largest public roaming network for on-the-go charging.

Europcar Mobility Group chose NewMotion because of its complete offer, the Europe-wide coverage of its public roaming network (with more than 170,000 charge points across the continent, including 500 Shell Recharge rapid chargers) and the company’s 10-plus years of experience. Moreover, the mobility service company will benefit from NewMotion’s end-to-end services including consulting, charge point installation and customer support.

The partnership is to be rolled out gradually from January 2021.