Toyota has announced plans to evolve its KINTO mobility service brand into a dedicated business with the launch of its new company, KINTO Europe. The joint venture between Toyota Motor Europe and Toyota Financial Services will be based in Cologne, Germany and begin operating in April 2021 – managing a range of mobility services and products across Europe.

The new company from the OEM’s European branch will provide a range of mobility services (including car subscriptions, car sharing, carpooling, and multi-modal solutions) that can be tailored to suit businesses, organizations, cities, and private individuals.

Elaborating on KINTO Europe’s approach to mobility, its CEO Tom Fux said “We cannot simply follow a defined approach like our competitors or any other mobility player in the market. Instead, we will find our own way, one that utilises our unique advantages and differentiates us in the mobility space. There is no defined roadmap for what we are proposing, we have to build our own strategy drawing on our particular business strengths and capabilities. KINTO is not a single service or product, bound by one location, it is genuinely diverse, so we are building a one-stop shop for mobility services, aiming to become the mobility provider of choice for all types of customers.”

Toyota’s European retailer network will continue to play a role in KINTO’s operations, with the OEM planning to transform them into mobility service providers. In addition to their traditional operations, Toyota retailers/dealers will now offer KINTO’s suite of mobility services to their customers.

The KINTO brand was introduced to Europe in January 2020. Since then, its services have seen a growth in reach and popularity, supported by sustained, reliable, investment. The company’s mobility services include KINTO One, KINTO Share, KINTO Flex, KINTO Join, and KINTO Go.

KINTO One is an all-inclusive leasing service that is currently operating in seven European markets, with more to follow in 2021. It is now an established mid-size player in the fleet management market, with a fleet of over 100,000 vehicles. KINTO Share provides a wide range of car sharing services for corporate, public, and residential customers. It is already operational in several European markets and is one of the services being adapted for use by Toyota’s retailer network/dealerships in the region.

KINTO Flex is a short-term vehicle subscription service that allows customers to enjoy Toyota’s full range of vehicles, including Lexus models, with all service and necessary maintenance costs included in its monthly fee. KINTO Join is a corporate carpooling solution that allows employees to create their own private transportation network. It has already launched in Norway and Italy with a UK launch to follow. KINTO Go, a multi-modal aggregator that coordinates journey planning, public transport ticketing, parking, taxi services, and events, is already operational in Italy. The company plans to expand the service further in the near future.