Eyesight Technologies, an AI computer vision in-cabin automotive solutions provider, announced the start of production with a China-based OEM. The OEM selected Eyesight Technologies’ Driver Sense driver monitoring system (DMS) to be integrated into their new car model. The production of the model began as of November 2020 with the first cars expected to be on the roads starting later this month.

Eyesight Technologies’ Driver Sense DMS utilizes AI and computer vision to monitor the driver for signs of distraction and drowsiness behind the wheel to help create a safer driving experience. The company monitors important factors including gaze vector, blink rate, and eye openness to monitor for dangerous situations and also includes the ability to monitor the driver accurately with a facemask present, proper seat belt usage detection as well as cigarette smoking detection.

With local offices in China and an aftermarket fleet solution already available in the Chinese market, this latest design win builds on Eyesight Technologies’ success both in the Chinese market and further cements the company’s place as a major player in the global DMS market.