Cerence has announced that it has been chosen to power the voice technology found in the second generation of Mercedes-Benz’s multimedia system – Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX). Leveraging Cerence’s AI-driven technologies, MBUX is able to cater to a number of driver and passenger needs.

Activated with the “Hey Mercedes” voice command, and powered by Cerence’s conversational AI and natural language understanding, MBUX offers drivers a natural way to access and interact with their vehicle’s content and services. Some present examples of how MBUX can be used include composing emails, enabling navigation features, and changing the in-cabin temperature.

The second generation of MBUX leverages a variety of new biometric technologies, including Cerence’s voice biometrics, to enable enhanced personalization and security. These technologies enable quick access to personalized settings, from HMI preferences to in-cabin settings, through voice control. Additionally, the next-generation MBUX will allow voice recognition from all seats – featuring microphones that can identify which seat a voice is coming from courtesy of Cerence’s speech signal enhancement technology. This allows for a personalized experience for all passengers and enhanced communication features like multi-seat phone calling.

Cerence’s natural language understanding technology allows MBUX to be compatible across 27 languages and understand indirect commands. For example, if the user says “I am cold”, MBUX will increase the in-cabin temperature. Additionally, this technology enables users to continue a completed dialog with additional commands. MBUX is able to take on a number of instructions simultaneously and carry them out sequentially. Users can also interrupt the voice assistant to speed up commands and get access to information when needed.

Another feature MBUX adopts from Cerence is its deeper integrations with smart home technology, powered by Cerence Studio, and its voice-based digital manual ‘Explore me’. The former, developed by Mercedes-Benz, enables drivers to control their smart home appliances via voice control. With Explore me, drivers can ask about in-car features and functions – such as where to find the first-aid kit, or how to pair their smartphone to the vehicle. It is powered by Cerence Studio, a web-based developer platform that allows OEMs, and their technology partners, to develop custom voice domains – enabling them to create uniquely branded voice-control experiences.       Cerence’s technology also powers other MBUX features, including the integration of embedded and cloud speech for quick, reliable, information – even in areas of low connectivity. Cerence Look, which leverages gaze detection technology, works with Mercedes-Benz’s Travel Knowledge feature to provide users with knowledge on the outside world. The integration of Cerence’s technology in MBUX aims to further enhance the user’s experience of Mercedes-Benz’s vehicles. These features include enhanced in-cabin communication between passengers and drivers, the ability to perform certain actions without the “Hey Mercedes voice command, and a range of new cloud-based functionality – delivering up-to-date content such as news and stock prices.