HARMAN advanced its vision and industry support of Experiences per Mile by unveiling a series of new mobility experiences that have never before existed in the vehicle. Through extensive consumer insights, HARMAN uncovered unmet needs and pain points that exist for consumers today by unveiling three new HARMAN experience concepts – or ExPs – that solve for modern mobility needs.

During today’s HARMAN Automotive ExPLORE 2021 Event, HARMAN unveiled and demonstrated three new immersive HARMAN ExPs that showcase how connected technologies can redefine the in-car experience for consumers and create new opportunities for automakers. As the industry leader, only HARMAN can provide the robust combination of core automotive technologies – including Digital Cockpit, Telematics, Car Audio, Cloud-based Software Services and ADAS – with a deep understanding of consumer mobility trends and extensive industry partnerships to create this level of compelling experiences for drivers and passengers.

The three new HARMAN ExP concepts – Gaming Intense Max, Creator Studio and Drive-Live Concert –demonstrate these capabilities meet in-demand consumer needs and preview the future of what’s possible in mobility. By taking a consumer-centric approach that ensures technologies work seamlessly together to create rich, relevant mobility solutions, HARMAN ExP delivers experiences that matter.

Each ExP features an expertly-curated mix of HARMAN’s leading technology solutions – including HARMAN’s Compute Platform, HARMAN Ignite Service Delivery Platform (SDP), branded in-car audio and acoustic technologies, HARMAN OTA, HARMAN Ignite Store and the latest OLED, QLED and LCD display technologies – to create meaningful experiences in the vehicle.