The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 is taking place between 11th – 14th January 2021. The technology trade show has been moved to a completely digital experience and will be held entirely online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The announcements made by companies at the digital event have been mentioned below.

BMW at CES 2021

BMW announces the BMW iDrive at the all-digital CES 2021. BMW is announcing the advanced display and operating system, which is set to transport driver-vehicle interaction into a new digital and intelligent age.

Mercedes-Benz presents the MBUX Hyperscreen at CES 2021

Mercedes-Benz presents the MBUX Hyperscreen at CES. The MBUX Hyperscreen will be launched in the fully electric EQS saloon. The Hyperscreen consists of display with a width of 141 centimeters.

Bosch at CES 2021

Bosch showcases its climate-friendly solutions for health, living, industry and mobility using AI and connectivity for the protection of people and the environment. Bosch is systematically adding connectivity to its products for buildings and mobility to help consumers save energy. In the mobility sphere, drivers of electric vehicles can benefit from services such as Battery in the Cloud. Bosch is combining its capabilities in hardware and software engineering for vehicle computers, sensors, and control units for all vehicle domains. This reduces complexity in vehicle development and will get new functions on the road significantly faster.

Bosch showcases smart home and smart car for a shared vision at CES 2021

Bosch showcases the capability of integrating smart home now with smart car enabling the remote functionalities through voice commands. With a simple voice command and a “Hey Mercedes”, the important Bosch Smart Home functions are already available aboard the Mercedes-Benz can be controlled directly from within the car.

Cadillac collaborates with Rightpoint and Territory Studio to bring to life all-new in-vehicle displays

At CES 2021, Cadillac will showcase how it continues to push the boundaries of the in-vehicle user experience.  Early in the new vehicle development process, the Cadillac team invited companies from outside the automotive industry, including Territory Studio and Rightpoint, a Genpact company, to help reimagine the user interface. Focused on artfully integrating aesthetics, purpose and technology, these teams helped bring to life Cadillac’s all-new vehicle displays.

The recently unveiled Cadillac LYRIQ show car embodies this new direction for the brand. LYRIQ, the luxury brand’s first all-electric SUV, features a massive 33-inch diagonal advanced LED display and offers a customizable user interface designed to deliver a flexible, high-end user experience with display themes to fit the driver’s mood and personality. The large screen wraps toward the driver and information is intuitively displayed where it is needed most.

Samsung at CES 2021

Samsung showcases the Digital Cockpit at CES 2021

The Digital Cockpit 2021 was designed with a focus on simplifying communication and delivering advanced experiences on the go. The solution combines a wide, 48-inch QLED display with a sound system that makes content feel that much more immersive. These technologies allow users to enjoy a customized entertainment experience, while also enabling them to communicate with the world around them.

Samsung introduces mmWave 5G TCU enabling new in-vehicle experiences

From safety solutions that alert you of hazards while driving, to technology that allows passengers to view concerts from the comfort of their vehicles, a whole new wave of connected vehicle technologies is right around the corner. However, to enjoy various experiences on the move, vehicles must be equipped with telematics control units (TCUs) to allow faster data communication in the vehicle. TCUs capable of tapping into 5G can provide information on the road to the driver while also utilizing rapid internet speeds to enable high quality content to be displayed. While it was working on developing the 5G TCU, Samsung came to the conclusion that 5G mmWave, which reduces data transfer latency to a minimum and is capable of covering a lot of vehicles at once, would be necessary to enable prompt communication between vehicles, pedestrians and infrastructure.

HERE at CES 2021

HERE Technologies makes EV driving a more seamless and personalized experience

Range anxiety is a key concern for many drivers. Ensuring easy and fast access to chargepoints is essential to persuading drivers to switch to EV vehicles. HERE Technologies is unveiling a new EV Routing feature to optimize both private and commercial electric vehicle routing while minimizing the number of charging stops and reducing the battery charging times, based on vehicle’s consumption model.

HERE introduces mapping-as-service offering

HERE Technologies announced the introduction of a unique mapping-as-a-service offering. The HERE private mapping offering is targeted at enterprises wanting to create differentiation and reduce operational costs through building, maintaining, and using unique map datasets for advanced analytics and services. The offering is enabled by advanced platform functionality coupled with industry-leading map creation, processing and delivery capabilities.

Panasonic showcases its latest innovations at CES 2021

Panasonic brings its latest products and solutions to the world inside the Panasonic CES 2021 Digital Experience. The online experience enables visitors to immerse themselves in six key discovery areas: Entertainment, Smart Mobility/Automotive, Sustainability, Wellness, Lifestyle, and Food Retail. 

Gentex at CES 2021

Gentex announces partnership with Simplenight to expand its connected car offering

Gentex Corporation announced that it is partnering with Simplenight to provide drivers and vehicle occupants with access to enhanced mobile capability for booking personalized entertainment and lifestyle experiences in addition to everyday purchases.

Gentex plans to integrate Simplenight into its current and future connected vehicle technologies, including HomeLink, the automotive industry’s leading car-to-home automation system. HomeLink consists of vehicle-integrated buttons that can be programmed to operate a myriad of home automation devices. Gentex is currently integrating Simplenight into its HomeLink Connect app, which helps users program their HomeLink buttons and control cloud-based devices from their vehicles.

Gentex provides technology update at CES 2021

Gentex Corporation provided an update of its product development efforts, which over the past year consisted of new partnerships, technology acquisitions, and product portfolio expansions that extend the company’s footprint not only in the automotive industry, but also entirely new markets.

Digital Vision: Gentex’s expertise in digital vision is perhaps best demonstrated by its industry-leading Full Display Mirror (FDM), an intelligent rear-vision system that uses a custom camera and mirror-integrated video display to optimize a vehicle’s rearward view. 

Car Connectivity: Gentex continued to bolster its vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technology line-up, most notably in the transactional vehicle space. Advancement continues on Integrated Toll Module (ITM), the Company’s nationwide toll collection technology for factory integration into new vehicles.

Gentex also announced a partnership with PayByCar, an innovative provider of transactional vehicle solutions, that will allow an increasing number of drivers to pay for gas and other essentials directly from their vehicle.

Driver & Cabin Monitoring: Gentex has designed and manufactured automotive-grade cameras engineered for precise applications, integrating millions into vehicles every year. To support the growth of in-vehicle sensing, Gentex has developed a camera-based sensing unit capable of monitoring drivers and passengers alike.

Thundercomm introduces its AI Box and E-cockpit solution at CES 2021

Thundercomm, a IoT product and solution provider introduces its Edge AI Box–EB5 and E-cockpit Solution 4.5 at CES 2021.

EB5 unleashing a new era of edge computing: With the soaring number of connected devices, the need for real-time data processing and transmission among devices and clouds is surging. EB5 is created to meet this demand through empowering data processing capabilities at the device side so as to ease the burden posed on the cloud side, which will enable the data transmission between clouds and devices more efficient and cost-effective.

E-cockpit Solution 4.5 leading the new trend of smart vehicle: With the advent of the software-defined automobile era, the intelligent cockpit that has been gradually evolving into the brain of the vehicle and the pivot of HMI, is playing an increasingly important role. E-cockpit Solution 4.5 is built on the 3rd Generation Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Automotive Digital Cockpit Platform, and features a Software Platform of QNX Hypervisor 2.1, running QNX 7.0 and Android P Operating System. It is a fusion cockpit platform based on SOA, which enables developers to complete the development, changes or upgrade of services more efficiently. 

Cinemo showcases in-vehicle premium video, music and cloud gaming at CES 2021

Cinemo, a provider of high performance and automotive grade multimedia playback, streaming, media management, connectivity and cloud middleware, has announced its participation at the virtual CES® event. Cinemo will showcase advanced software solutions powered by a range of in-vehicle technologies such as Widevine digital rights management, and hardware optimized low-latency AV streaming and playback. Cinemo is changing the face of the automotive entertainment experience leveraging the adoption of 5G connectivity and meeting increased consumer demand for movies, video and games in-car.

Qorvo launches fully integrated automotive eCall switch

Qorvo, a provider of innovative solutions that connect and power the world, introduced the first integrated broadband antenna routing switch that enables Emergency Calling (eCall) for automobiles. The low loss, high linearity switch allows a primary cellular link to be switched to other antennas within the car to ensure reliable connectivity with life-saving services during an accident. Qorvo offers two versions of the new AECQ Grade switch: the QPC1251Q for eCall and QPC1252Q for Dual Sim Dual Active (DSDA) eCall.