Cerence introduced Cerence Look, a new product that enables drivers and passengers to interact with points of interest outside the car, delivering the knowledge and intuition of a human copilot via the automotive assistant. Cerence Look is first being deployed by Mercedes-Benz in its new Travel Knowledge feature in the new generation MBUX.

Providing a new, natural way to interact with the environment outside the car, Cerence Look uses novel environment reconstruction, existing hardware, and car sensor data to deliver information about points of interest along a driver’s route. Where drivers previously had to manually search for information about stores, restaurants and cafes, hotels, landmarks, etc., they can now simply look at a building and ask the automotive assistant for information, creating a faster and more productive way of gaining needed knowledge while on the road. For example, a driver can simply look at a coffee shop and ask, “What is the name of that restaurant?” or “What is that café on my left?” Or, the driver can look at a historic landmark like the Burg Teck castle in Germany, for example, and get information by simply asking, “Tell me about this castle.” Cerence Look turns the automotive assistant into an intuitive, knowledgeable companion that has abundant insight about everything a driver may encounter on their journey.