FCA will be the first automaker to implement Amazon’s Alexa Custom Assistant into its vehicles, making it fast and easy to create intelligent voice experiences for FCA products. The Alexa Custom Assistant solution is built directly on the Alexa technology stack within FCA’s Uconnect system and can be tailored to each FCA brand personality and customer need with a unique wake word, voice, skills and capabilities.

This technology also introduces the unique capability of two in-vehicle voice assistants to simultaneously cooperate and fulfill customer requests. This allows the FCA intelligent assistant to act as the product specialist with features and capabilities specific to the vehicle, while Alexa helps the customer with weather, smart home control, music and more.

The Alexa Custom Assistant enables this dual-assistant cooperation by using advanced artificial intelligence to determine the customer’s intent and then routing the request to the proper voice assistant for the job — if the assistant invoked by the customer cannot fulfill the request, but the other voice assistant can, it will hand-off the request without any additional customer participation, resulting in a convenient, intuitive and delightful customer experience.