Cerence is set to unveil its next-generation product portfolio, including its Cerence Drive 2.0 conversational AI platform; new Cerence Cloud Services with smartphone, smart home and IoT integration; and new Cerence Mobility Platforms for 2-Wheelers and Building Mobility. The announcements mark a significant milestone in the company’s strategic growth as it paves the way for innovation in connected transportation and mobility.

Following a complete platform re-architecture, Cerence Drive, the world’s leading AI portfolio for mobility, features the best of Cerence’s embedded and cloud technologies in one unified, scalable software stack. These conversational AI offerings serve as the foundation of Cerence Mobility Platforms as the company expands and grows into new and unexpected areas of transportation, including two-wheelers and buildings. To further enhance the role of mobility in drivers’ day-to-day journeys, Cerence has introduced Cerence Cloud Services, a set of new, connected products that give consumers voice-powered access to their broader digital lives, including smart home devices, IoT products, and phone apps, no matter where they are.